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Name Title Department Phone Email
Aaij, Michel Associate Professor English and Philosophy 334-244-3280
Adams, Haley Advising & Recruiting Manager School of Nursing 334-244-3076
Adams, Heather UNIV Lecturer & Student Success Mentor UNIV Student Success Program 334-244-3523
Adams, Robert Assistant Chief Information Officer Information Technology Services 334-244-3465
Admin, Dispatch Dispatch Campus Police 334-244-3424
Aga, Mosisa Associate Professor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3335
Aggarwal, Anshu Adjunct Biology and Environmental Science 334-244-3316
Aho, John Associate Professor Biology and Environmental Science 334-244-3787
Alattar, Ashraf Visiting Assistant Professor Mathematics & Computer Science 334-394-5338
Alexander, Jason Lead Material Handler Conference Services 334-244-3154
All, Anita Professor School of Nursing 334-244-3775
Allegro, Deanne Assistant Professor Kinesiology 334-244-3630
Allen, Gina Lecturer Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work
Allen, Micki IT Strategic Planner Advanced Technologies 334-244-3090
Allman, Anita Coordinator Institutional Effectiveness 334-244-3732
Amerson, Gary Director of the Center for Cyber Security College of Sciences 334-244-3321
Amoroso, Don Professor Information Systems 334-244-3259
Anderson, John Summer Adjunct (AUM)
Anderson, Nancy Distinguished AUM Fellow Continuing Education 334-244-3094
Anderson, Wendy Lecturer Information Systems 334-244-3977
Ang, David Professor/Head Information Systems 334-244-3455
Armstrong, James Senior Production Manager University Marketing 334-244-3816
Arnold, Steven Assistant Professor/Chair Chemistry 334-244-3328
Arrington, Paul UNIV Lecturer & Student Success Mentor UNIV Student Success Program 334-394-5282
Ashmore, Kathryn Senior Program Associate College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 334-244-3746
Austin, Sheila Dean College of Education 334-244-3425
Baggett, Jeremy Programmer Analyst Advanced Technologies 334-244-3038
Bailey, Catherine Adjunct English and Philosophy
Bailey, Timothy Librarian III Library 334-244-3420
Baine, Breuna Associate Professor Fine Arts 334-244-3346
Baker, Heather Assistant Clinical Professor College of Nursing and Health Sciences 334-244-3670
Bang, Chulhwan (Chris) Assistant Professor Information Systems 334-244-3283
Banning, Kevin Department Head Business Administration 334-244-3485
Banuelos, Yair Head Tennis Coach Athletics 334-244-3448
Bark, Tracey Assistant Professor Political Science and Public Administration 334-244-3646
Barragan, Brannon Lecturer History & World Languages & Cultures 334-244-3813
Bates, Jeff Distinguished Senior Lecturer Economics 334-244-3187
Bauer, Eric Adjunct Biology and Environmental Science 334-244-3316
Baugh, Michael UNIV Lecturer & Student Success Mentor UNIV Student Success Program 334-394-5246
Beard, Julie Assistant Professor Communication Disorders 334-244-3410
Bellinger, Laurie International Education Specialist Global Initiatives 334-244-3544
Benson, Holly Registrar Registrar's Office 334-244-3125
Benson, Mark Honors Associate Professor and Student Advisor Fine Arts 334-244-3385
Berry, Michelle Program Associate Global Initiatives 334-244-3375
Berube, Julie Administrative Associate Mathematics & Computer Science 334-244-3677
Best, Rickey Librarian IV Library 334-244-3276
Betties, Jasmine Academic Advisor College of Education 334-244-3869
Beziat, Tara L.R. Associate Professor Curriculum Instruction and Technology 334-244-3039
Bicard, Sara Professor Counselor, Leadership & Special Education 334 244-3401
Bice, Dana Assistant Registrar Registrar's Office 334-244-3794